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Last Update: Tue Dec 21 14:59:43 +0000 2010

The Philosopy of Logis

Logis are the articles within LogiLogi. Logis are short in size (preferably max 3 normal book-pages) and they should focus on one idea, and make only one point or tag clear. Trains of thought that are more complex should be dissected into separate Logis and be globally described in a single Logi that links to the others giving increased levels of detail. Of course it is also possible to first start with the more general level, and to extend it in- depth as needed.

The central reasons for this are:

  • Differentiation - allowing readers to read things for different needs and at different levels of detail, zooming in and following and adding links only as needed.
  • Specialization - prevent duplication of work, and allowing (un-coordinated) cooperation.
  • Streamlining - allow faster, easier and more targeted communication of ideas than in article-sized communications.
  • Integration - allow for easier linking between, bringing together, and bulding upon idea‘s.

The format of Logis

Logis an LogiVersions work in concert. The text_stack of a Logi is filtered by LogiVersions to only show the contents that remain in that LogiVersion. After editing a Logi, the additions are appended to the text_stack of the Logi, and the character-ranges are added to the position_ranges of the LogiVersion. Likewise if something is removed in a newer version, only the position_ranges are removed, not the text_stack.

This allows the position_ranges of Links and Authorships to remain the same between LogiVersions.