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'Free' = 'undetermined' - Freedom is surrender

In a sense this (see title) is the secret of life. Finding this secret is a joy beyond description.

Surrender means no longer being apt to hinder the course of the situation in which one finds oneself. This in its turn naturally generates the question as to what is meant by 'hindering an intrinsic course'.

Well, not hindering, to begin with, does certainly not mean allowing for any unneccesary suffering!

Allowing for suffering is common in situations in which one is considering oneself "not responsible" for what happens - other agents apparently doing the thing. Usually one leans internally on (kinds of) factuality/juridiciability/officiality for that. And that definitely is a matter of mental escape - (quite) opposite to (true) surrender!

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avatar by: Anonymous ...

Thanks for witring such an easy-to-understand article on this topic.

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