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Insert, edit and create in-place

This kind of "ajax instant inserting/editing" mechanism is the way to go.

It could actually be just when selecting text a popover that shows the /logi_inserts/ dialogs. I would say the easy "mark and insert" will be a big improvement that will incite participation. Easy marking, in-place popovers with wizards (or tabs) should work to keep focus on the reading while inserting at the same time.

Same thing for editing, it could be done in place, for example, double clicking text would enable editing.

For the creation of contending logis, it could also be done in place, showing in the place of the contender the new blank logi, so it's already implicit that the tags are kept, and that it's placed to the bottom of the list of the contending logis for those tags.

If context is kept it is easier to understand the implications of your modifications.

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Weak points of LogiLogi: Usabili...

by: Wybo Wiersma

I think one of the foremost weak points of LogiLogi is its usability. Usability, is one of the hardest things to get right, and it consists of more than clarity, or simply being usable. Eespecially a natural workflow seems to be missing from LogiLogi. That is, many things are not easily done on ...read on

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avatar by: Wybo Wiersma

We could indeed do these things, though we should also consider feasability (e.g. how hard it will be to do). Will think about it more.

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