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Logilogi and "the right way"

While talking to people about LogiLogi, some people (like in every aspect of life) just puts stones in your way, and I always use this to re-think about my point, train my own arguments and capacity of explanation. When talking about LogiLogi in potential, we can compare it to journals and then some scientist friends had argue that the current journal system works well, and that any community driven system could be "fulled"... At this point, we could get to the details of the LogiLogi rating/ranking formula or other mechanisms, but lately I found more interesting to give it a twist and just explain that Logilogi is not just something rock solid that you have to fit to, but instead the opposite, LL tries to fit to the needs of the community. Also I see Logilogi as a project that aim to solve a need and establishes the goal not the medium, and we are actually trying to find the "how to do it"...

That's what I'm trying to do lately, invite people to think with us how to do this, and the LL project is certainly open-minded, and free in all aspects.

So when we are searching for a global meeting place for philosophy, isn't it worth to actually do it centralized? Right now I'm convinced about this, but I'm also open to hear other views and change my mind too.

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