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The Rating and Ranking Formula

The formula for awarding the extra voting-powers is currently quite simple. In each vote a score can be given on a scale of -2 to 5 in LogiLogi. Besides these scores, votes also carry weights in the average rating of a logi; these are what can differ between users. Anonymous users and people with accounts have 0.1 resp 1.0 voting power in the General Peergroup. All users start without any voting-power in other peergroups.

When a logi of a registered user is positively rated from a peergroup that he is not yet a member of, he receives a membership with 1.0 voting power in that peergroup. In addition to this basic power, he receives extra voting-power for the logi, and for all later positively rated logis by this peergroup. It is calculated as follows:

rating ^ 2 * 0.05

So 0.05 percent of the square of the rating (0.05, 0.2, 0.45, 0.8, 1.25 for scores 1 to 5). This power is given in realtime, for the rating that is standing. So when the score gets lower again the difference is substracted, also in realtime.

As the ratings of logis are a weighted average of all votes on them, the weights of additional votes are added to the previous total weight (a new vote of 5, with weight 1 added to a current rating of 1 with weight 3, results in a new rating of 2, with weight 4). Now of course over time this would lead to the entrenchment of ratings, in that they would become ever harder to change.

To fix this problem, and to give new votes a chance, the total weight of each rating is decreased each night with a fraction in such a way as to result in a half-life of 1 week. So the weights of all ratings are half as big as they were at the beginning of the week. If no new votes come in the current score remains as it is (it's weight just drops), but if they do come in, they can influence the score more easily because of it's lessened weight.

The voting-power of authors is not touched by this half-life. Their voting-power remains and does not change as long as their logis are not rated differently. Authors are ranked within peergroups by their voting-power, and receive a percentile to show their rank relative to other authors in the same peergroup.

These formulas are quite simple and it is likely that we will improve them over time, but we will never move to a hidden and obscuring algoritm - like for example Google's PageRank - because LogiLogi values transparency, next to openness and quality.

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