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On dealing with the bad

It is my conviction that just doing (/trying to do) things right on moral grounds or on whatever/however refined ethical grounds, will actually not lead a human being to salvation.

In life people will tell you about whatever is supposed to be wrong with you - if you are lucky enough for that (for usually you're only to feel or sense the subtle rejection). So naturally you as a human being will tend to wish to improve yourself (the price for denial actually being fiercely high, as denial implies subtly locking away yourself from others). When this fails, as it usually does, the resulting suffering from internalised criticism (expressing itself as self-criticism on the outside) is potentially unlimited. One finds oneself bound to be "bad" and be rejected for it.

Yet, there is a way. You do not need to even accept yourself (!!) as to allow yourself to actually be something you might never voluntarily choose to be. To many this may proove a particularly hard way. But I believe it is actually inevitable. Choosing to allow for it, however painful, may be a quick relief even for just only this reason.

Allowing for the bad - disregarding all possible discussion about what should be considered as such - makes you softer for yourself. And by continually observing yourself, you might gradually delve into your deepest urges behind all that you wanted to suppress.

These urges in themselves are no solution. But with time you may discern the hidden misunderstanding that was forcing you into trouble. More than often it is the wish for true contact with others that was originally motivating you.

Then one understands that it is actually by allowing for acting badly that the seed is sown for truely sincerely acting righteously. (See also L34).

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