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R2: moldable parameters

The balance of knowing the wavelength to knowing the whereabouts of the wave-maximum (Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle): indeed a surface that can be made to take any form, yet without becoming smaller in size.

Feedback-mechanisms of the human body: L21.

Libido as being bound by either spirit or body, L23

Taking risk of sacrifice, seeking subtle borders: bloody&meticulously separating Siamese twins.

Unable to quit faulty behaviour: neurosis and the basic wish to be known.

The placenta: two bloodstreams communicating by hormones and interconnected by protective enzymes.

Immence colonies of microbes in your guts, nourished by the fluids of your internal organs and nourishing your body with its products.

Afalfa (lucerne) nourishing the soil on which it grows with nitrogen.

Lichen as convolution of alge and fungus.

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