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PhilPapers: Publication

PhilPapers comes into view after an essay or paper has been completed. If an article is not published by other means, it can, first of all, be `published' on PhilPapers. Here it will normally be briefly reviewed by a subsection expert. This usage is again most useful for beginning authors. A different use of PhilPapers, however, is useful for all philosophers: the tracking of new journal-papers. The RSS feeds and/or e-mail notification services make this task into a very easy process. And as noted, notifications can select both for categories and for customized search-terms.

In addition to this, the site offers other interactive possibilities. One can, for example, take part in the PhilPapers forums. These forums currently contain about three hundred discussion-threads (which is quite a lot as philosophy fora go). They are categorized according to the same taxonomy that is used for the papers. But in addition to this, and similarly to discussion-pages on Wikipedia, every paper has it's own sub-forum as well (43 threads in total currently). This allows philosophy students, and other people who don't have the time, or the want, to write full-sized papers in response, to discuss the claims and arguments put forth in publications.

PhilPapers seems to be aiming for some of the roles that journals currently fulfil. The usages related to the publication of new material, and, to a lesser extent, with the categorization, contend with that of reviewing. And those related to tracking, and providing feeds and alerts, are aspiring to the notification-role of journals. Similarly to the aims of the LiquidPub project, it does this in the quite radical way of providing every reader with a personalized journal: based on the categories and search-terms he is interested in. Thereby potentially beating journals at their own game.

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