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I think the Occupy Movement, or we may call it "United for Global Change Movement" needs a central place to define concepts, like LogiLogi.

Forums can't handle humanity expressing all together at the same time. Software like Q&A (stackoverflow) are good to an extent, but LogiLog is aimed to discuss ideas and reflect the views of all paradigms at the same place.

This Global Movement needs to get down common ideas and for this we work through distributed assemblies and consensus. LL is not about consensus, neither a tool for decision making, it's just a way to digg through different points of view for concepts, ideas.

The 99% needs to have clear what words mean to each other, what is the meaning of each concept for different paradigms, cultures, thinkers, etc.

LogiLogi has it's power and potential still waiting for a global community to bring it to life.

What do you'all think?

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Can LogiLogi be integrated in a ...

by: Anonymous User

Can LogiLogi be integrated in a multiperspectival mediawiki, like the one at p2pfoundation.net ...? Michel Bauwens...read on

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