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(inspiring new age-stuff)

I very much enjoyed the book by Dorothy McClean for this reason, To hear the angels sing.

I believe I was 18-19 when reading it.

To me it was very pure. (At least it felt that way to me - quite enough for that).

And (after finishing I quess:) I also immediately tried out what was described in the book, getting up before dawn, and cycling to a place near my town (De Hoornse Plas) where I knew undressing was allowed. For I wished to make sure that I was totally, totally as pure as I could possibly present myself to a tree.

The inspiration was there and I didn't hesitate to act on it (for inspiration usually doesn't last that long!). I shall never forget the experience.

People are quick to dismiss the quite unbelievable testimonies of Dorothy McClean. Yet they actually are (or seem) independently confirmed as far as the factually objectifiable claims are concerned. These regard the origin of Findhorn, Scotland. The pure beginnings of it.

Today people recount primarily how much money is presently made at Findhorn - for as I said and as you are to hereby see: inspiration doesn't last that long.

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