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Verdict at missing objectifiability

My mother very typically enjoyed my humiliation: "SZoo! Je hebt dus gééén Pfeiffer!!"

I negated it, it to me being disappointing yet meaningless from the perspective of content. This was no more than just her part and responsability.

She scornfully continued: "Alleen van één dingetje in het bloed had je wat weinig" ephatically slowing down her speech and lowering the tone of her voice.

I was not to speak my doctor (A.J.Th. Ellenbroeck) on the matter anymore.

But nastily, my mother was (concerning some trivial thing of her own shortly afterwards). And she skillfully played her game. I unfortunately do not remember her exact words in citing what she had said as a primer to the conclusion of my doctor, who mildly typed her view as "gezond".

This, of course, was to keep haunting me to the very day of the present writing. For at that specific time, I slept about 16 hours a day - and that was now considered "healthy".

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avatar by: Anonymous ...

I feel saiftseid after reading that one.

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