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The Microsoft-infection

There are people who do react pleased at first... but I feel there must be many, many more people being terribly annoyed and feeling silently enslaved.

It is in most Microsoft-material (windows and windows-applications like Word): the tendency to take natural choices out of your control as much as possible, resulting in decisions being taken for you.

Even I am forced to use the Word-programme (in my case Word97) - as so many people require texts to be Word-formatted (with Word97 still allowing for conversion). And so I often find myself condemned to see strange things happen at (for instance:) 1) striking some format-keys (tabs and returns with perhaps a dash or something) in order to make a list; 2) trying to select a (specific!) text-block with the mouse (has just been made impossible actually). And then I need to figure out tricks to work myself around it, MS actually having unduely consuming my time.

I would all be so much easier if at least a possibility was allowed for just turning of all such nonsense! When entering the main Windows-directory for instance, one is to pass all kinds of silly warnings. Each time again (it naturally drives me crazy (when incidentally forgetting to psychologically shut it out)).

The knob may be coupled to yet another, fiercer warning: that MS-guarantees are lost when turning it. By this, at least illegal users would be set free.

But what is actually the point of this logi: sadly, other software developers seem to imitate the denouncable Microsoft-treat, also aiming at making choices for you, "taking work out of your hands"! And among these, are the developers of LL.

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