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Insert, edit and create in-place

by: Bruno Sarlo

This kind of "ajax instant inserting/editing" mechanism is the way to go. It could actually be just when selecting text a popover that shows the /logi_inserts/ dialogs. I would say the easy "mark and insert" will be a big improvement that will incite participation. Easy marking, in-place popovers ...read on

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avatar by: Anonymous ...

Now thatÂ?s sublte! Great to hear from you.

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avatar by: Anonymous ...

1) Good point about the author of an annotation. I will add that (to my todo list). 2) is hard to do for technical reasons. Don't understand 3?

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avatar by: Matthijs v...

1) The author of an annotation should determinalble. 2) When selecting a piece of text for annotating, the programme should remember instead of asking again! 3)Mstimportnt:typedtext shld be remembered

avatar by: Catherine ...

Let's see...if I put in a link will it work? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKASo4Ly8K0&feature=related

avatar by: Catherine ...

Also it would help if there was a sentence next to the logis explaining that bigger ones had more Logis. Also, is there a way to see how many Logis there are for a specific link? That would be fun too

avatar by: Catherine ...

If this happens, is it saving my messages or deleting them? I don't know. If you can find me saying this elsewhere, it has saved them. If not, it has deleted them.

avatar by: Catherine ...

Every time I post a Logi I get the following error message: TypeError in Linked_logis#create I think this is when I create a new logi, rather than creating a logi below.

avatar by: Catherine ...

I think what might help is calling 'Browse' 'Browse Tags' instead, as it has taken me some time to work out where the tags were. I kept looking for them and not finding them.

avatar by: Wybo Wiersma

Anyone else think they should or should not be there?

avatar by: Wybo Wiersma

used to be there, but guessed many comments did not need separate tags, and also commenting would be easier without tags

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