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Weak points of LogiLogi: Willingness to share ideas.

An issue that is often brought up by people attending presentations on LogiLogi, is that of whether academics really would want to share their ideas through anything else than credited journal-papers.

I personally think that there are enough academics who have way more ideas than they can turn into journal-papers. Or at least who might be willing to float many ideas before deciding on which of those they want to turn into a full-sized publication.

And that in addition, there are (or should be) enough upcoming academics (intelligent students) with many potentially interesting ideas, but who do not have access to academic journals yet.

Which should, in theory at least (being painfully aware of the tiny number of users LogiLogi has) mean that there are enough people who could benefit from a site such as LogiLogi.

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avatar by: Anonymous ...

Hey, sutble must be your middle name. Great post!

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avatar by: Anonymous ...

You have shed a ray of sunshine into the forum. Thnaks!

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avatar by: Matthijs v...

Annotering wil nauwelijks; eindeloos gepoogd text in te voeren met kritische noten omtrent annoteringsmogelijkheden;wordt gewoon niet geslikt;blijf hetzelfde overtypen. Dit moet gvd echt beter.

avatar by: Wybo Wiersma

True, but I'd guess it's about a factor hundred less effort in terms of time.

avatar by: Aliaksandr...

I agree, sometimes I feel I have too many ideas, but it requires effort even to crystallize them as a logi;)

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