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Do academics want to keep updating papers?

Another thing I wonder is whether academics would at all want to keep updating papers? I could imagine that they like it when a paper or project that is finished, is truely finished.

To speak from my personal experience, I like it when something is published and done. It gives a sense of accomplishment, and opens up time to work on further research.

Going over old papers again, whether it is to review them, or to make changes in response to a reviewers remarks, is never really a fun way to spend time.

In addition, while there should not be too much difference in terms of the number of citations one gets with solid or liquid publications, a CV with many papers, even if they have similar titles, still looks much more impressive than one with only a few, but liquid ones. Even assuming you manage to explain what liquid publications are. So the incentives seem to be wrong.

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I don't like having 2 options of...

by: Catherine Black

I don't like having 2 options of creating a response logi. It might be better to just have one button 'create a response logi' and then have it below by default, unless the user decides to move it somewhere more prominent - which I think what 'create a new logi and link to it' is for....read on

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Systems feeding each other

by: Catherine Black

At the moment the system of journal articles feeds books. Famous scientists will publish lots of journal articles, and then consolidate all their work into a book, which will be read by a wider audience, having had lots of feedback on their journal articles. I can imagine Logi Logi would similarly ...read on

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avatar by: Catherine ...

It might be more of a way to develop ideas prior to publishing, and then the finished product could be published in a paper journal.

avatar by: Catherine ...

...publications with one another as different logis. They could even put a paper up on logi logi that was already published, and then take comments into consideration for the next publication.

avatar by: Catherine ...

...than the current disorganised publishing lists, where you have to sift through them yourself...painfully searching for whatever topic it is your searching for. Scientists could link different...

avatar by: Catherine ...

But...liquid publications would allow grouping of ongoing projects. So when you viewed an academics' page you would get links to different ongoing liquid publications. This would be more organised

avatar by: Wybo Wiersma

It is not just the IF, but how is the transition going to happen/be likely.

avatar by: Aliaksandr...

the comment above was mine.

avatar by: Anonymous ...

You are right, the current system misses proper credit attribution. The question is "IF there is a proper recognition/credits for liquid papers, are there incentives then?

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