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Libre Community Network

The idea consist of developing a system where the Libre Community will develop web services under a Libre environment, to be used by everyone.

So far this seems much like every GNU/Linux distribution this days, but to contemplate the community development of such a system, and to ensure it's freedom, we need to go further of what we know today.

The only way I could imagine (so far) for running this type of infrastructure, is to build a system that will be developed over itself, and auto regulated by the community in a meritocratic way, or maybe in a (liquid) democratic way.

Further more, when I think of how to kickoff such a project I always imagine it would have to start from a community debate to define how this could work, or even discuss if it could possibly work, so we could say that this is the kickoff :)

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avatar by: Anonymous ...

I'm not easily impressed. . . but that's ipmersisng me! :)

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avatar by: Wybo Wiersma

Completely agree with this, and open discussion is key here

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