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Language made meaningful

Language is made meaningful by carefully refining the recipe by which meaning comes about.

For each word - or lets say each noun - there is an infinity of determinants. Therefore the content is in any case infinite (comparable to the infinity in informational content of real numbers like π). The communication of meaning gets inflated, even lost finally, when people attach their own meanings to words without taking the inevitable difference-in-use into account, which is there for every individual.

Understanding "Free will" needs understanding both the adjective "free" and "will". Most people do not notice the hidden depths in these words, such noticing actually requiring insight.

True insight means: experienced reality. Experience is by nature ineffable. This is what is meant when mystics say meaning cannot be told.

Meaning cannot be told. But the story doesn't end with that, for the recipe for obtaining insight can be pointed out very precisely! This is what people actually do - be it specifically with regard to language - when explaining a word by defining it.

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Matthijs RIP, your were such a great person!...read on

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