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Digitizing intelligence

1 (noble receptiveness)Digitizing intelligence

(reach)One harbours all the magnetics and thus can be unconsciously', if one is able to get at the collective unconscious (our brain's digitized intelligence).

And 4 birds and parents where others can cause of right procedure, the birds can throw your lessons(really far for most? Not if the proper language is made) piders (a willable en-captain, unfolding that which is between the birds(peacocks,, white for sweatforms or black for concentration-rebus (repeated in behaviour until both ends ar met, red can two times be active as thought per time-island (black for rebusisland in kidneys (kidneys, if two red thoughts islands are met can create without time and undo the concentration island*)) for lessons and this creates the d..

At each job one has different intelligence matters. Intelligence comes into classes, thus why not harbour a god? Lesson: always keep your tongue on the things you own and that which you can keep active so that the god does not interweave. You do not learn this behaviour because it can only come to the eternal recurrent? Or is this body-folk? : the consciousnesses I own together make for one reasonable reasoning in words, so the rational at two ends and the consistent at that which has two sides, if not even it has an intuitive side, however we also have intuition for the faults of others and so this may have one collection of consistencies?

Now I own not the blueish and intelligencedegree mask through this in one single picture which is consistency, indeed for most of us consistency is not a spark, however this is logic and I will not deffer: it is clear conscious.

Your bridge? Create some at one end and do not return this in thought because it is consistent. People's minds organize like this for constancy?

Perhaps 4 degrees of for(; in programming yargon so that you get a stability on top.


)(, two red ? one percept-quantum

()), One object "()" and one part repeat (recursion?)

()x, ()y, all four redrain.

(^(^)), Either left or right (intelligence birden?) A job specific quantum meaning?

One to unfold in brain.

(Note, I think dasein (anxiety and time interweaving so that others can draw? Anxiousness? (you and I are both concentrative or concentrated both (4 levels) or security (the last of three levels, perhaps with throat)), indeed, each organ can have jemeinigheit, namely at different levels seeing the progression of the recursion of intelligence but at a point others may intertwean (taste) and by going lower in the intelligence spectrum and there might be less to regard. Perhaps only faults are what we take and the sick repeat repeat that as well for brain cleasure (filth, no dasein but ghost')

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