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Pi 3

Pi 3.1415

for 3 1

for for 1 becausebeforfor

repeat 5forprimeoncommand everyprimefoundfornatureandothercommand


3.14(5(1+4))159(45:9)2(2 operations"()"()")(3 "()"and a three? Or needs comp ression into two "()" and again "()'for concentration?)6(cases(5))5(35)8 (two times left?)(one plus on eigth)9(2 minus on nine)7(identity)932 (first power)38(first power minus 1 (case?) (still))(one up ? two down)46(half (2*3)and double of second (memory?))?)264338327950

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What a joy to find such clear thinking. Thanks for posntig!

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