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I suffer from terrible sleep-need. I didn't find any other case like it up till now.

Incidentally I sleep for more than two days up to 56 hours. These outbreaks (not to say inbreaks - or subtly breaks) happen about once or twice a year (at most).

Shorter breaks of 28-32 hours and of 18-22 hours happen more often (by roughly a factor two for each subsequent category).

Doctors have never taken me seriously and so on high school I had to sleep at the lessons because I was not allowed to abstain from school. People just "smiled" and negated me or must have standardizedly-ridiculed me behind my back. Blood examination was actually done but without sufficiently dramatic results. Just low bloodplate-rate, which is typical for me being vegetarian (low vitamine B12).

After my discovery of the antidepressants in my painstaking search search for any doctor/researcher with enough compassion to be willing to answer questions, I finally was brought into contact with Harm-Jan Pot from the AZG/UMCG in Groningen/Netherlands.

He finally put me on a waiting list for a 24-hour-EEG in order to finally document my hypersomnia-syndrome!

The problem was that the occurrence of the thing is only approximately predicatable. I did my best at the gamble and after about a year on the list I got my chance and planned the EEG at the first new forceful hypersomnia-wave.

I missed. The friday before the EEG on tuesday I slept for 44 hours (with some breaks for toilet and sugar-testing adding up to about 1 hour at most). But nastily, on the day of the EEG I slept for only 12 hours, which was in fact even slightly below my normal rate (my best score is generally 11 hours when not using antidepressants). And contrary to what Pot had seemed to have promised (had toegezegd), I was not allowed a second chance.

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