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Free will

"Free will" means: capacity of endorsing different intentions that can be acted on.

The adjective free is meaningful for making the difference with wills that seem rather unfree, as in the case of most animals. The mental layer of conscious choice is in animals either considered absent or considerably more limited.

A tree has a "will" to grow and flourish - a will that I find realistic for it being intuitively sensible when watching or nearing and possibly touching it.

A dolphin has a will that may at best seem actually quite free - as male dolphins may in practice turn out to be predisposed to sexually abuse female conspecifics, if need be killing their child for making them receptable to that. And there you have the conflict that is inherent in the term - for how could "predisposed" at the same time be "free"?

But the supposed conflict is just a matter of entangled suppositions, as "being predisposed" need not directly imply being "fatally bound" while being free may be limited to just a very fleeting moment of choice!

If we have choice, why should things be considered so innately different for dolphins? Making such a difference at least seems superfluous to me - anthropomorphical in the sense of not needed by application of Ockhams razor.

And yes, of course, the bottom of the question actually concerns the (hidden) nature of choice.

Philosophically the problem just arises because of the - metaphysically motivated! - wish to look behind the curtains of reality (usually seeking implementation of determinism) and actually disdaining the unmistakable quality of freedom that just is in experience!

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