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Existence (definition)

Existence is being known.

You-by-your-own exist, for instance, because - and as-far-as as - you know you.

The world exists as you see it, because you are there to see it as such. And it does of course as well exist in many, many other ways because of the virtual infinity of relations it has to all kinds of beings that are enveloped by it.

Answering a first thought that may arise:

God exists as known! So: it at least exists as belief and as a sphere of metaphysical dispute, bearing abundant reality as such. But naturally, the question on God is to go beyond such 'philosophical' use of terms. Therefore: first of all, God is a riddle people live on... People know God first of all as Unknown(but-close!!). (The word therefore is to stay ineradicably necessary anyhow).

Existence of an electron is directly altered by the way it is known by a proton, resulting in what we call an atom (hydrogen in case of a single bond).

People suffer restlessness for not fully knowing what they are.

Yet sometimes, unexpectedly, a moment may occur in meeting another, exposing yourself in finding that other to be receptive to you as what-you-are-there-and-then, exposing his or herself in the act. This we call love. It is ultimate-blossoming existence.

The question remaining is: how do you normally know you?

It may seem a bit of a problem, as: you are one while knowing implies two! Yet this is solved by assuming "you" to be a relation, like the hydrogen-atom being the relation between an electron and a proton.

The assumption is consistent with the empirical find that once you find out the nature of both relata constituting you, no thing to be called "you" is left. The word therefore, is actually just a pointer to something as certain as it is unknown - and indeed: in practice actually knowing it is decribed as having it destroyed! Left free by that event then is pure existence as joyous abundance of relations.

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