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Core group

Another concept of critical mass is that of a minimum core group of active users needed to sustain the community. This concept adds the possibility of a relapse in activity levels that brings an application under its threshold of active users again (as opposed to signed up users). It is analogous to the concept of critical mass in physics: the smallest mass that will sustain a reaction.

Sometimes it is also pictured as a core of users that are (much) more active than others. Such as for example the 5% of Wikipedias contributors that have done more than a hundred edits. But there is little to say for this conception, as a community could of course also be maintained with a bigger group of people that don't contribute that often. Though, as Jan Marco Leimeister has found, most people seem to prefer smaller (150 active members), and relatively intensive, web-communities over larger ones (featuring sub-groups). In any case a core group does not need to grow to remain stable.

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avatar by: Anonymous ...

Strong work! The ad hoc astviicts are often the most effective ones, as they’re outside the NGO/activism world and thus have fresh ideas..-= Darren´s last blog .. =-.

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