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How it's done - silently slumbering guesses...

Shorter-and-better sleep, less need of insulin, drop of point-of-consciousness, feeling energetic.... Somehow all processes of the body become more efficient: as if... a broken wire gets connected, some contact sprayed clean, some obstruction washed away or some critical nutrient supplied.......

It's a puzzle: The energy-household suddenly functioning....

But take this very other part - in Germany depression is treated "somewhat" different: less tablets and quite a strong emphasis on something most people would naturally fear: ECT..... The help-renderer-culture seems to have moved in a peculiarly different direction there!

Why? And why does or why might ECT work so well? Well...:... - it is a treatment under narcosis that is repeated regularly for a considerable period, as if resetting the nervous-system...

This brings to mind the abstinence-effect: the delayed reaction of the nervous system after a sudden change in the amounts of medication in my blood.

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