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Forgiving (it's one inherent danger)

She certainly won't like being described in detail on the internet and especially not by me. But she has had her chance.

Somewhere in 1991, having left home to live on my own finally, at the first external inducement I actually confronted her with how she had treated me on the heights of my hypersomnia-manifestations at high-school.

(She actually did not even react verbally, just rejectful looking away as if sharply bitten, making me just feel poisoned once more).

Being trained in christianity at intermediate school starting from the age of 5, I tend to be willing to (or programmed to) forgive.

But in all honesty, this hasn't turned out well at all. I now think that for as long as someone is not willing to take responsibility, someone should also not be forgiven!

It hurts both victim and perpetrator to act saintly if it is out of no more than (programmed:)... belief.

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mais coisas

by: Anonymous User

mais coisas......read on

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You're the garteset! JMHO

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